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Gallerina [gal-uh-ree-nuh] noun.

The term is believed to have originated in Chelsea, New York.
1. A gallery ballerina
2. 畫廊小姐


Gallerina Off Duty (G.O.D) {畫廊休假} is a website founded by V & Y. Ranging from fashion to food, we share all the inspiring/interesting things in our daily life.
Used to live in NYC, V is currently based in Hong Kong and Y is in Taipei.

We are open to any possibilities, please feel free to contact us: gallerinaoffduty@gmail.com

曾經都當過Gallerina,又恰巧在紐約Chelsea區同一條街上工作的V&Y,共同興趣是尋找+蒐集賞心悅目而有趣的人、事、物,加上種種一拍即合的原因,我們決定開始一起撰寫Gallerina Off Duty {畫廊休假}部落格,在這裡與大家分享:藝術☞時尚☞美食☞生活☞城市☞街拍☞好東西


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