[FOOD & STYLE] # 4

We believe,

you are what you eat,

you are what you wear,

the food you eat and the style you carry reflect who you are.

Thus, we make this collection of food, style, us, and everyone we know.




Chef Jessica的玫瑰奶油色PS 1,總算找到可以呼應的Butter Cream了。

VV:Vintage Louis Vuitton/Walnut carrot cake

好久沒用差點忘了它存在過的包包,意外地跟Y最近吃的carrot cake顏色跟大小都很相似。

Cambridge Satchel / Pistachios Muffin

 想不到什麼比東村bagel店賣的超綠開心果muffin更能搭配Lady M的限量Green Fluro Cracked Leather Satchel (Lady M總是有厲害的行頭,已經是本單元的固定班底)

YY: CÉLINE trapeze/Black pudding waffles with red wine poached pears and whipped foie gras butter

V第一次吃到這種顏色這麼陰沈的鬆餅,不過這種紅酒洋梨的顏色剛好是今年秋冬的主色 。(V&Y最近也想嘗試這種顏色的秋冬單品)

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